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Rigid LED Strip

Our rigid LED strip light is available with high quality aluminum housing to provide optimum heat dissipation. The adoption of SMD LED, either 5050 or 2835 SMD LED, contributes to high brightness, and both RGB color and white color light are available. Due to waterproof connectors which include a female connector on one side and a male on the other side, the LED light can be utilized for lighting in different places to satisfy users' varied demands.

We are a specialized rigid LED strip light manufacturer in China, and our products have been regularly utilized in architectural decorative lighting; archway, canopy, and bridge-side lighting; amusement park, theater, and aircraft cabin mood lighting; stairway accent lighting, and more. For more different types of products, please contact us now.

1. The LED rigid strip light is available in lengths of 0.5m, 1m, or 1.5m.
2. Light source color can be warm white, cool white, or RGB.
3. The product is waterproof due to adoption of silicone glue.
4. It is easy for installation, as it uses screws for fixation at both ends.
5. It is CE, RoHS and LVD certified.

Rigid LED Strip

Technical Specifications

Model NumberLength Light sourceLED Quantity PowerLuminous flux (lm)Color CCTVoltageWaterproof
GM-DT500-SMD2835W300.5mSMD 283530pcs5.4W540-600Warm white2700-3500KDC12VIP65
GM-DT500-SMD2835W601mSMD 283560pcs10.8W1100-1200Cool white6000-6500K

Rigid LED Strip
Model NumberLengthLight sourceColor LED QuantityPowerLuminous flux (lm)VoltageWaterproof
GM-DT500-SMD5050W300.5mSMD 5050White30pcs7.2W540-560LMDC12VIP65
GM-DT1000-SMD5050W601mSMD 5050White60pcs14.4W1100-1200LM
GM-DT1500-SMD5050W901.5mSMD 5050White90pcs21.6W1600-1700LM
GM-DT500-SMD5050URGB300.5mSMD 5050RGB30pcs7.2W240-270LMDC12VIP65
GM-DT1000-SMD5050URGB601mSMD 5050RGB60pcs14.4W480-540LM
GM-DT1500-SMD5050URGB901.5mSMD 5050RGB90pcs21.6W720-810LM

1. Please make sure the label of packing is accordance with the actual product.
2. Read the instruction carefully and make sure the power is off before use.
3. Be sure the power supply matches with the product.
4. Never touch the right LED strip light surface when the light is on, and also don't stare at the light source directly.

In addition to LED rigid strip lights, including LED flood light, LED spotlight, LED tube light, LED tunnel light, and more. We welcome you to choose.

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