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T8 LED Tube

The T8 LED tube light with light weight, small size, and exquisite appearance design offers high brightness and long service life. It is provided with 2 years warranty. It is a new generation of energy efficient, environmental friendly lighting product, and has been certified by CE, RoHS, and FCC.

Standard color
Warm White: 2900-3300K
Natural White: 4000-4500K
Cold White: 6000-6500K
Standard Length
60cm, 120cm, 150cm
Standard PC Cover
Milk, transparent, striped

Technical Specifications
1. LED type: 2835 SMD LED (Epistar chip)
2. Wide voltage Input: AC85-265V
3. Frequency: 50-60 Hz
4. PF (power factor): >0.95
5. CRI: Ra>85
6. Use or storage temperature: -20℃-40℃
7. Lifetime: 50,000hrs
8. Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS approved.

Structure Diagram



Part No.Color LengthLED Quantity PowerLuminous fluxVoltage

Our LED T8 tube is powered by one-way feeding way circuit, which is safer to use. It can work with ballast and is easy to install. You will see the detailed installation information as follow.

Single Connection with Ballast
The LED T8 tube can be used to replace conventional T8 fluorescent tube lights. While installation, users have to keep the ballast, while replacing the fluorescent tube and the starter using the T8 LED tube and circuit breaker respectively, as the following diagram shows. The replacement of lamp tube and starter won't cause the invalidation of the CE mark of the lampholder.

1. Initial situation                                                 2. Remove fluorescent tube and starter               3. Install LED tube and circuit-breaker

Parallel Connection with Ballast
In this installation method, the conventional fluorescent tube and starters have to be replaced by the LED tube and circuit breakers respectively. After starter and tube replacement, the CE mark of the lampholder is still valid.

Serial Connection with Ballast
In serial connection, the LED T8 tube won't operate, so it has to be rewired to realize parallel connection. The rewiring work should only be carried out by skilled staff to meet existing safety regulations, and the electrical safety of the system has to be ensured. Any modification of a tube carrier leads to the invalidation of the CE mark.

1. Initial situation                                                                      2. After wiring modification

Connection with New Installation
Our T8 LED fluorescent tube supports working with a ballast. For the purpose of electrical safety, the product supports wire connection at only one end so as to prevent a power spread from one end to the other contacts through the internal circuit board.

Connection two sides

1. While installation, please avoid strong magnetic field, and high pressure region, and minefields.
2. Please make sure the wire connection is solid and correct, so as to avoid short circuit damages to components.
3. For the purpose of ensuring appropriate environmental and operating temperature, we recommend installing the tube light in well ventilated places.
4. Before use, please make sure the available input voltage complies with the product's requirement.
5. In case of failures, please ask a specialist to carry our product maintenance.

As a LED tube light manufacturer and exporter, GangMing now has 7 years' experience in manufacturing LED T8 Tube, and has LED lighting product wholesalers in Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and South Africa. We hope that we can cooperate with more distributors, agents, and shopkeepers around the world.

Utilizing high quality Epistar chip with high color rendering index, Gangming T8 LED fluorescent tube can save energy up to 80%, and has more stable performance. It has operating time over 50,000 hours, which is ten times of the service life of ordinary lamps. Meanwhile, it is low-carbon, and offers higher lighting brightness than its counterparts on the market. It is an energy efficient lighting product, because of its low power consumption, UV- and IR-free lighting, low heat generation, high efficiency, and low luminous decay. It is regularly used for lighting in classrooms, offices, hospitals, supermarkets, and more.

As a China-based LED ceiling light, LED downlight manufacturer, GangMing also offers LED wall washer, high power LED, square LED flood light 50W, MR16 LED spotlight, waterproof SMD LED strip connector, high power LED flood light 10W, and more.

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