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  • PAR20 LED PAR Light 6WThe PAR20 LED PAR light 6W uses aluminum housing with good heat dissipation.
    It offers high brightness and low electricity consumption. Your electricity bill will be cut down sharply, saving 70-80% more electric energy than an incandescent lamp.
  • PAR30 LED Par Light 10WThe PAR30 LED par light 10W offers high brightness.
    It is a green lighting product and does not contain mercury, lead pollution such as elements, and does not have harmful radiation.
  • PAR38 High Brightness LED PAR Light 12*2WThe PAR38 high brightness LED PAR light offers low heat work, is safe and reliable, and suitable for public security of lamps.
    It has a wide voltage power design, universal, plug and play, and is convenient to use.
  • 2013 NEW Fins Style 85-265V Par38 LED LampThis range of Par38 LED lamp adopts specially designed fins for better heat dissipation. With advantages such as low heat generation, superior light distribution, and elegant appearance, it is sought after by our clients. We offer LED chip options of 100lumen/w Bridgelux and Epistar chips for customers to choose from.

GangMing is a China-based LED PAR light manufacturer. We provide a broad range of products, including a 6W high power LED spotlight, SMD 3528 LED strip light, high brightness LED flood light 100W, LED wall washer, waterproof SMD LED strip connector, and more.

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LED Lighting Fixture
  • RF 8 Key LED ControllerThe RF 8 key LED controller uses the advanced micro-control unit; it is used for controlling a variety of lamps whose source of light is LED. For instance, point source ...
  • RGB LED ControllerThe RGB LED controller used in flexible light strip and rigid strip light; it can control strip lights. It has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity of use.
  • 6W High Power LED SpotlightThe 6W high power LED spotlight uses three 2W high power LEDs as its light source.
    The 6W high power LED spotlight uses aluminum housing to achieve perfect ...
  • High Power LEDOur high power LED has the best package design, light efficiency up to 90 Lumen/W or above, and the chip is from Taiwan famous brand Epistar!
    The high power LED ...
  • 12W LED Flood LightThe 12W LED flood light is one of our new products developed in 2012. It uses 6pcs 2W high power Epistar LEDs as the light source, and the available lighting color options are red ...
  • PIR LED Flood LightThe detection range: 140°
    Beam Angle: 120 °
    The PIR LED flood light has auto on and auto off function, and the sensitive time can be adjusted.
  • 80W LED High Bay LightThe LED high bay lamp incorporates a high quality aluminum body, patented heat dissipation system design, anodized tensile reflector, ...
  • LED AmplifierThe LED amplifier is used for RGB LED strip and single color LED strips.
    The LED amplifier is an additional accessory working with our ir LED controllers.