RGB LED Controller

The RGB LED controller used in flexible light strip and rigid strip light; it can control strip lights. It has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity of use. You can adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through infrared remote control.

Technical Specifications of the RGD LED Controller
Module No: GM-PSB12V-RNA1RGB
1. Supply Voltage: DC 12V or DC24V
2. Output: 3 CMOS drain-open output
3. Connection Mode: Common cathode or plus
4. Max. Load Current: 2A per color
5. Operating Temperature: -20℃ - 60℃

The Key-Press Functions are Shown in the Table Below (In Accordance With the Key Position Order)

Brightness Rise Brightness Drop Off On
Static red Static green Static blue Static white
Static orange Static light green Static deep blue 7 color jumpy changing
Static deep yellow Static cyan Static brown Gradually changing
Static yellow Static light blue Static pink 7color fade changing
Static light yellow Static sky blue Static purple 3color jumpy changing

The RGB LED controller is used in LED flexible and LED rigid strips.

GangMing is a professional RGB LED controller manufacturer based in China. Apart from LED controller, we also supply LED spotlight, LED flood light, LED PAR light, and LED strip light, among others.

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