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100W LED High Bay Light

The 100W LED high bay light is CE and RoHS compliant. In addition to factory warehouse and production workshop as well as other industrial lighting applications, it is also commonly used for lighting in public and commercial places such as the toll gates, gas stations, sports stadiums, airport passenger halls, convention center halls, supermarkets, etc. It has service life up to 50,000 hours, and can help users save 70% electricity cost.

1. The lamp reflector, heat sink, and hanging hook are all made of high purity aluminum, and the housing is made of aluminum alloy. The anodic oxidized surface, coupled with compact structure, makes the lamp beautiful in appearance. Also, the product is provided with good antisepticising, waterproof, and dustproof capacities.
2. The LED high bay light has high heat conductivity, and integrated heat sink and housing design. The LED light source is closely connected to the housing surface, which makes sure the heat can be removed by the heat dissipation fins and the air ventilation as well.
3. The lamp comes with low luminous decay, pure light color, and offers no ghosting.
4. It is eco-friendly, as it contains no lead, mercury, or other contaminations.
5. Its special structure design ensures easy installation and uninstallation, and also allows the product to be mounted in different places.


Input VoltageAC85-265V
Frequency Range 50~60Hz
Power Factor (PF)>0.9
Lamp's Efficiency (%) > 90%
ColorWarm white/cool white
Color Temperature 2700-3500K/6000-6500K
Power 100W
Luminous flux8000-9000lm
Type of LEDEpistar or Bridgelux
Beam Angle60°/90°
Color Index(CRI) Ra > 80
Working Temperature(-30 ℃) ~( 45 ℃)

1. Handle it carefully any time and avoid direct pressing or striking of the product.
2. Make sure the input voltage is compliant with the design standard before use.
3. Avoid touching the product surface or staring at the light source directly for a long time, when the product is switched on.
4. If there is any doubt about the product installation and usage, please consult a competent electrician or technician.

Gangming OPTO Company is a professional LED high bay light manufacturer and exporter in China. We are also specialized in manufacturing LED tube, LED flood light, LED bulb, LED strip, and so on. These products have been exported to European countries, the United States, Asian countries, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, etc. countries. We look forward to work with more partners all over the world.

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