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50W LED High Bay Light

Gangming 50W LED high bay light adopts integrated heat sink and housing design, so the LED light source closely contacts with the housing surface. The heat generated during operation is dissipated through the heat dissipation fins and also by air ventilation. This ensures an average LED lifespan of 50,000 hours. This LED light can save about 60% electricity.

1. The product adopts a single LED as the light source, and also uses our proprietary LED encapsulation. The light source in single module structure design comes with multiple imported, high brightness semiconductor chips.
2. Good heat dissipation, low luminous decay, pure lighting color, and no ghosting are some of the distinct characteristics of the light.
3. The housing surface undergoes anodic oxidation treatment. The structure is compact and aesthetical. These, coupled with other special designs, make the LED high bay light antisepticising, waterproof, and dustproof as well.
4. As compared with sodium lamps, this LED product offers obvious energy efficiency performance due to the use of powerful LED light source and highly efficient imported LED driver.
5. With high color rendering index, it can present the original color of objects faithfully. It is available in different color temperature levels, so it can be used in varied environments. This avoids the dullness of environments caused by the low color temperature of sodium lamps, etc. or the high color temperature of mercury lamps and more.


Input VoltageAC85-265V
Frequency Range 50~60Hz
Power Factor (PF)>0.9
Lamp's Efficiency (%) > 90%
ColorWarm white/cool white
Color Temperature 2700-3500K/6000-6500K
Power 50W
Luminous flux4000-4500lm
Type of LEDEpistar
Beam Angle60°/90°
Color Index (CRI) Ra > 80
Working Temperature(-30 ℃) ~( 45 ℃)

Our 50W LED high bay light has a broad range of applications. To illustrate, it provides an energy efficient lighting solution for factory warehouses, shopping malls, architectures, sports centers, show rooms, plazas, stadiums, tunnels, parks, yards, gardens, parking lots, billboards, and more.

1. Avoid direct pressing or striking, and handle carefully during transportation.
2. Make sure the input voltage conforms to the design standard before installation.
3. Don't touch the lamp surface, and don't stare at the light source directly when it is turned on.
4. If there is any doubt about the installation or use of this product, please consult a competent electrician or technician.

We are professional LED high bay lamp manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to standard products, we can also produce the product according to your requirements. More types of high bay lights wanted, please contact us right now!

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