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80W LED High Bay Light

Thank you for visiting our website! The 80W LED high bay light shown on this page is designed and developed to replace traditional high bay and low bay lamps for industrial and other applications. It has light weight and is easy for installation. It is designed to offer maximized energy efficiency and substantially reduced maintenance cost. Due to this, it has been extensively used for industrial lighting in factories, warehouses, advertising billboards, and more; commercial lighting in shopping malls, show rooms, etc.; and public places lighting in plazas, gardens, tunnels, parking areas, and sports centers, to name a few.

1. The LED high bay lamp incorporates a high quality aluminum body, patented heat dissipation system design, anodized tensile reflector, and acrylic light source enclosure.
2. With combined heat dissipation system and power supply box, the product can make use of the air movement to improve heat conduction, thereby reducing lamp body temperature during operation. This allows the LED light source to work in the best working environment so as to ensure the light and the power supply's lifespan.
3. The LED high bay light contains no hazardous materials, and is fully RoHS and CE compliant.
4. It offers the maximum brightness only seconds after it is turned on, without any need for warming up.


Input VoltageAC85-265V
Frequency Range 50~60Hz
Power Factor (PF)> 0.9
Lamp's Efficiency (%) > 90%
ColorWarm white/cool white
Color Temperature 2700-3500K/6000-6500K
Power 80W
Luminous flux6400-7200 lm
Type of LEDEpistar or Bridgelux
Beam Angle60°/90°
Color Index (CRI) Ra > 80
Working Temperature-30℃ ~ 45℃

1. Don't press or strike the product, and handle it carefully.
2. Before use, please make sure the input voltage conforms to the design standard.
3. When the light is switched on, don't touch the product surface, and also don't stare at the light source directly.
4. Please consult a competent electrician or technician if there is any problem during product installation and use.

As a specialized 80W LED high bay light manufacturer and supplier based in China, we can offer customized products as well. If you want more different types of high bay lamps, please contact us via any method listed on the website.

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